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School Uniform at Catsfield CEP

White, grey, navy or black socks
Navy blue Catsfield sweatshirt or cardigan
Grey/ navy trousers or skirt
Light blue Catsfield polo shirt

Blue and White check dress (summer)

Traditional black leather school shoes or completely black trainers. The black trainers should have black soles, fit below the ankle, not display any other colours, coloured logos or produce flashing lights. 

Boys with jumper

PE Kit

For PE lessons:

A white polo shirt

Navy blue shorts

Plimsolls or trainers

Spare socks.

For outdoor sports (Autumn/Winter):


Navy tracksuit bottoms


One piece swimming costume or trunks

Swimming hat


Purchasing Uniform

School uniform can be purchased at Wards, 36 Devonshire Road • Bexhill-on-Sea • East Sussex • TN40 1BA  Telephone number:  01424 210548    Email: www.wardsgroup.co.uk

General uniform in our school colours with no logos can be purchased from anywhere- Tesco, Asda, M & S etc

We also have preloved uniform available for sale. Please contact the school office for further details.


Hair styles and cuts

If any child has long hair it should be tied back  This is for safety as well as hair not being a distraction from learning. Please keep hair bands and clips discrete and ideally in the school colours. 

Children's hair should not be coloured or have tramlines, words or similar shaved in to it. 


The wearing of any jewellery at school is not suitable unless part of religious or cultural tradition.

If your child has pierced ears they can wear plain stud earrings. Owing to a number of incidents in schools, East Sussex County Council's policy is that studs must be removed during all physical education and swimming instruction. Your child is responsible for ensuring that this takes place. If your child is unable to remove/replace their own studs they should not be worn to school on P.E. or swimming days. Your child will be unable to participate in the lesson with studs in place.

Under no circumstances are staff permitted to remove/replace earrings.

If you are planning to pierce your child's ears please consider doing this in holiday periods. Parents should be aware that if the studs cannot be removed at all during those first weeks, the child will be unable to participate in PE or swimming.

Forest School Kit List

Sometimes your child will participate in Forest School lessons. Here is the Forest School Weather and Clothing Policy

In Forest School, as well as in a wider sense, there is no such thing as bad weather, just weather, and all we need do is dress appropriately and recognise that the weather just is. Lesons continue in most weather conditions, with the exception of high winds (>35-40 mph) or lightning. We expect children to get muddy, very muddy, at wet times of year and so old, inexpensive clothes are most suitable. It is of course very temperature and moisture dependent and the time of year has a big bearing, but in general these guidelines should help:

  • Waterproof Jacket (not on obviously sunny days)
  • Waterproof trousers – essential in Autumn, Winter & Spring but useful all year round
  • All-in-one waterproofs are very useful, especially for younger children
  • Layers – more in winter (3 or 4 is fine – 2  isn’t enough!) e.g. Vest, T-shirt (long sleeved), long sleeved jumper / hoody, coat/waterproof jacket.
  • Long trousers (shorts are not appropriate due to the nature of the woodland, with stinging and scratching hazards abundant)
  • Wellies / other waterproof shoes / walking boots in all seasons except summer (2 pairs of socks in winter), strong shoes / trainers available for all seasons
  • Wooly hat (much heat is lost from the head), maybe scarf
  • Gloves, preferably water resistant but wooly gloves are ok (extremities do get cold in winter)
  • Spare socks (who wants squelchy socks?)
  • Sun screen (put on first thing before school in the summer)
  • Insect repellant (put on first thing before school in the summer. There is no need during the winter)

We have a 'duty of care' for your child and so although every attempt will be made to ensure that they are dressed appropriately, we will not be able to take children to forest school if we feel that they are inadequately dressed and may be exposed to the weather and conditions too much. Please make sure they are ready so they can take part.

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