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Phonics Screening

Phonic Screening Check

During the summer term children in Year 1 take part in the Phonic Screening Check. The phonic screening check is not a formal test, but a way for teachers to ensure that children are making sufficient progress with their phonics skills to read words and that they are on track to become fluent readers who can enjoy reading for pleasure and for learning. The check is carried out by teachers during school time and lasts approximately 5 minutes per child. 

The result of these checks is reported to parents and the local authority. Any children who do not get a score above a threshold mark (32 out of 40 in previous years) are usually required to attempt the check again in the summer term of Year 2.

How will the children know which words are ‘alien’ (nonsense) words?

The made-up ‘alien’ words are always presented with a picture of an alien, so the children know that they are not real words that they might recognise. They are very familiar with this concept

How will the phonics screening be administered?

Each child is taken through the screening check by a teacher on a 1:1 basis. This will be in a quiet area and there is not a time limit

Will we be told about our child’s results?

The results of the check will be issued in the end of year reports

What is the pass mark?

The standard threshold pass mark for this year’s phonics screening check will be published on Monday 27 June (after the children have sat the check). Last year the pass mark was 32 out of 40.

When will the phonics screening take place?

The government requires that the check must be taken during the week commencing 10th June. A pupil may only take the check the following week if they were absent during check week.

If a pupil doesn’t take the check during this period and returns to school after Friday 21st June they must be recorded as absent.

How can we support our child out of school?

Support your child by sharing their reading books at home.

An excellent website for phonic games is: http://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/ All phonics phases are covered on this website.

Read as much as possible to and with your child. When children become more capable readers they develop the skill of word recognition. However, it is important that children continue to practise good sounding out and blending so they don’t fall into the trap of guessing the wrong word.

Which phonics phase will the phonics screening check focus on?

The check includes graphemes from all of the phases taught to the children since they started school. (Phases 2-5) 

See below for more helpful resources.

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