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Smart school council


Helping every child to engage and lead change in their world

Welcome to our Smart School Council where the key ethos is that every child has a voice and any idea is worth sharing. 

  • School council meetings are held in every classroom which means every child’s voice is heard 
  • Even if children aren’t on the Communication Team, they still have the opportunity to make a difference by joining an Action Team enabling them to lead change.  
  • Action teams explore the feasibility of introducing change, giving ownership of projects to the children.

Communcation Team

Following our school council election, 2 children from each class in years 2-6 have been voted in and now make up part of our school communcation team. They will meet regularly and work with other children accross the school to support projects that contribute and have a posssitive impact on our school community. 

Turtles: Edith (Yr2) and Jacob (Yr2)

Penguins: Luke (Yr2) and Scarlett (Yr2)

Seals: Elodie (Yr2) and Oliver (Yr2)

Puffins: Cherry (Yr4) and Katie (Yr3)

Swifts: Amelia (Yr4) and Eddie (Yr3)

Wrens: Stanley (Yr3) and Nitalia (Yr4)

Lions: Betsy (Yr6) and Bertie (Yr5)

Leopards: Emily (Yr5) and Libby (Yr6)

Tigers: Isla (Yr6) and Tommy (Yr5)

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